BestSync 7.2.20

BestSync is a professional utility for following solutions:1....

BestSync is a professional utility for following solutions:1. Keep file and Outlook mail being the same between PCs by utilizing network storage, shared folder, FTP server, USB removable media etc.

Only changed files are transferred, the chance of network overload is light. 2. Backup your critical files to the external hard disk, network storage, FTP server etc automatically by schedule or in real-time.

You can backup the differential files and the full copy periodically. Old versions are managed in backup folders, and can be restored later easily.

3. Publish your web site easily by using the FTP protocol with FrontPage support. Only updated files are transferred to, and deleted files are removed from your web site.

BestSync has an easy to use interface and provides following advanced features:1. Copy opened/locked file, be capable of backup database etc. 2.

Secure your data by compression and encryption. 3. Prevent file from being corrupted at any occasion. 4. Resume transfer file from last breakpoint to copy large file in unstable network.

5. Support FTP proxy server to sync files behind the file wall. 6. Run as Windows Service, no user is needed to logon. 7. Real-time sync function to copy files immediately after change.

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BestSync 7.2.20

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